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Virtual Reality is the Most Effective Training

   Everyone knows that VISUAL training is the best type of training - and Virtual Reality is the most effective training environment. Our software and projects place the trainee in the actual environment where they can move throughout the space and learn, inspect, and manipulate exactly as if they were actually there. It will save time, money and give your trainees a better and more effective learning environment. This is followed up by testing their knowledge in our Learning Management System.
   As a trainer, you will have complete control over the situation and the testing and through your dashboard you can follow the results of your trainees individually and as a group.

Marriott - Room Inspection Training.

   In this program, the housekeeping and supervisor trainees visit a Virtual Reality space of a guest room set up and ready for the guest.
   The trainee moves throughout the space clicking on the tags which describe proper placement, positioning, quantity and type of elements in the room. This information is provided in English as well as Spanish.
   Once the trainee is familiar with the proper setup, the trainee is placed in the same guest room with a lot of problems, like missing items and items out of place. They inspect the space and make a written list of everything that is wrong.
   Next they take a test to see if they have inspected the room properly and found all the problems. They are then given a "grade" and have the opportunity to go through the inspection and testing again as often as necessary.


National Boiler - Service Safety Test

   This training places employees in a real world situation and they are to find any and all safety issues. There may be trip hazards, improper equipment, improper setup of equipment, improper safety setup and personal protection.
   The areas are broken into 4 separate inspection areas. They then take a test to see if the found all the safety issues.
   This real world situation is created in your plant and work environment wherever it needs to be created. The employees are actually in a Virtual Environment where they work every day to teach them how to spot issues and problems before accidents occur.
   Actual training videos can be inserted in tags so if they have questions about proper setup and use, they can watch videos within the Virtual Training Environment.

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