• About VR Media Pros
    and Video Ideas Productions

    VR Media Pros is a division of Video Ideas Productions. We specialize in unique solutions for clients across all media platforms. From high quality media for marketing and advertising to websites that not only inform but influence. We have the talent, experience and vision to take your project from concept to completion.

    Three decades of our award winning solutions have satisfied customers across the country, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

    Video Ideas is proud to offer the Incredible Capabilities of MatterPort 3D Virtual Tours to our lineup.

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  • Mission

    More than just video, Video Ideas Productions and VI Media Pros, located in Chattanooga, TN, delivers integrated marketing solutions under one roof, saving you time, money and energy. Nearly three decades of success has proven that Video Ideas has the experience to produce creative and effective solutions that are on budget, on time, and on target.

  • Vision

    We are constantly flexing our mental muscles to provide our clients with top notch creative solutions through solid strategic thinking, intense research and a drive to see your product succeed, we create powerful communication tools that flexes with your market and gets the results you need. Our firm's mental muscle is ready to tackle your project. Call today for a free consultation.

  • Experience

    We have partnered with our customers since 1987, by combining knowledge with know-how. Because of our creative and technical experience, we have been empowering our customers to generate innovative solutions for their products. From Willie Nelson to National Geographic, our customers include fortune 100 companies to small businesses, and can be found in 42 states and abroad.

  • We provide the Customer Service Possible

    Our customers return to us again and again because they get what they expect. Our first goal is to provide our customers with the product they want and need. Our Experience, Creativity, Talents and Customer Service keeps them coming back.

video ideas at work on various locations
  • Why Choose Us

    Read what our customers say about us and you will know why we are your best choice.

  • Fastest Work

    Our Customers Deadlines are Our Deadlines - and we meet them on time and on budget.

  • High Skills

    A Talented, Creative Team and over 30 years Experience make the level of work we produce possible.

  • Clean Work

    State of the Art Technology and staying on the Cutting Edge (Sometimes referred to the Bleeding Edge) describes our commitment to the best product we can deliver.

  • Results Driven

    We provide results for our customers. Whatever the product, it has been thought out, planned, executed and delivered with the care and concern of our talented team members.