Holiday and Christmas BobTail Family Animated Gif for VR media pros.
Holiday and Christmas Title for VR media pros.
Holiday and Christmas Snow and Ornaments for VR media pros.

Welcome to VI Media Pros | Video Ideas Christmas Scavenger Hunt!



We have found the perfect Christmas Hideaway full of Christmas Trees, Decorations and Everything Christmas!  We have hidden 50 of our favorite items for you to find in this 360 degree 3D world. You can move, look around, zoom in, and search everywhere for the hidden items. You can also use the dollhouse view, floorplan view or highlight reel to instantly jump from one area to another. You can even move up the stairs - or jump directly upstairs - and there are items hidden on the second floor.

  Some of the items are easy to find, some are harder to find, and some are going to be a real challenge - so don’t give up! The items are worth different point values when you find them. Begin by entering your name (and optional email address) then scroll through the list below to see photos of all the hidden items.
   To see an enlarged view of the hidden item, click on the items in the list. Once you find the hidden item in the space, center the item in the view, click on the item in the list, then click on "Found It". The interface will update how many of the 50 items you have found, your total score so far and how long you have been searching. You can leave and come back later and you can continue your search. You can also use the interface buttons to minimize and maximize the item list.
   As you find items, your level will increase from "Novice"  up to "Wizard!" You can also earn Badges by finding all the items in the Badge Category. There are 5 different Badges varying in difficulty. Finding all the items and earning a Badge adds bonus points to your total score! Once you are done, be sure to "Submit Score" so your score will be added to the high scores list. You can submit your score every time you level up. The items you have found and selected will be kept so you can come back again, find more items and submit a higher score. Your "found" items will stay selected until you click "Clear My Items" to start over with a clean slate.

Have Fun, Don’t Give Up and See if you can get the Highest Score.

Note: There is a "Known Issue" with Chrome browsers on Apple mobile devices running the Christmas Scavenger Hunt. In many cases, it will load but movement through the space will be very sluggish and uncontrollable. If you are using this on an Apple iPhone or iPad we suggest using Safari for the best experience.